Consultations available by phone or in person   


Homeopathy is a deep healing modality that treats you as a whole person, comprised of a body, mind, emotions and spirit. It releases blockages to the  vital force so that you can experience a greater sense of vitality, health, and well-being.

The symptoms you may be experiencing are indicators that something deeper is out of balance and needs attention. The homeopathic remedy stimulates the body so that it can heal itself. 

Homeopathy has the ability to release vital energies locked up in the body so that one experiences a greater sense of vitality, health and well-being. This can occur even before the main complaint is gone.

Homeopathy has relieved simple colds, flus, digestive upsets, etc., as well as more chronic issues such as asthma, arthritis, menstrual problems, anxiety and depression, allergies, migraines, fibroids, menopausal symptoms, mental/emotional issues  . …and more.

Children respond especially well to homeopathy and I delight in working with them. Even conditions on the autism spectrum can be alleviated by homeopathy.

“The highest ideal of cure is the
rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health
according to clearly realizable principles.”
– Samuel Hahnemann

What to expect

The first homeopathic consultation for an adult in my practice typically takes at least two hours. At the initial consultation we will look at your complete medical history, both past and present as well as characteristics of you as a person. This will include your moods, sleep, appetite, thirst, diet, lifestyle, stresses, and sensitivities.

When it is immediately clear which remedy you need, you will be given the remedy at the end of the consultation. Sometimes I will need to study the case and get back to you. 

You may be given a single dose, or repeated doses of a homeopathic remedy that has been chosen specifically and individually for you.

What will I experience?

Healing and changes take place in different ways depending on the nature and history of your condition. Typically there is an increase in energy and well-being even if the chief complaint is not gone. The body needs time to heal itself, especially of a symptom that you have had for a long time. Each person responds differently to a homeopathic remedy.  

Follow-up visits

The fine tuning of the homeopathic prescription is done at your follow-up visits. It is imperative that you continue your monthly follow-up visits, typically every 4 to 6 weeks, until there is stability and we know that deep healing is occurring.  These follow-ups are very important in achieving good results with homeopathic care. When we are sure that you are on the best remedy, we start meeting less frequently.

How long will treatment last?

The length of your treatment depends on the severity of your condition, how long you have had the problem, and how you have treated it.  

Acute conditions, including ear infections, colds, flus, urinary tract infections respond quickly to the correct homeopathic remedy, often within hours or a day.

More chronic conditions can take weeks to several months.