Lakshmi Selbie

Welcome to my healing practice.

It is my joy to serve you. My practice encompasses several compatible modalities which you will find described in these pages.

I am a classically trained lay Homeopath and I have been in practice since 1997. I have also been a spiritual counselor for over forty years and I have taught yoga and meditation at the Expanding Light at Ananda. I offer hands-on Energy Balancing sessions as well as Sacred Card Readings.

Meditation has been the focal point of my life for over forty years, while living a busy family life raising four children, in addition to other community and business activities. As a child I traveled the world and experienced living in other countries. My varied life experiences have given me a broad and compassionate viewpoint.

I offer an atmosphere of safety and peace and unconditional love. Clients often remark that they can say anything to me because they feel totally accepted.

The beautiful and tranquil setting of my healing space will enhance  your experience.

 Her ability to listen is profound, as she intuits beyond the spoken word to the heart of the mind.” L.L.H.

  You are precious to Me.  Isaiah 49:16